Teacher Testimonials


Mrs. Womack, First Grade Teacher

“I would like to take a moment to thank the Timber Ridge Foundation for their generosity!  You have showered us with printer ink cartridges, laptops, an amazing new gym floor, curriculum materials, teacher trainings, iPads, and our fantastic Computer Lab teacher Dianne Lowe!  I am so grateful to work at a school where the parents … Continue reading Mrs. Womack, First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Butler, First Grade Teacher

“Our students have benefitted greatly from the contributions of the Timber Ridge Foundation. We are thankful for the Timber Ridge Foundation and the many classroom integrations they have contributed to.  The Foundation has provided our classrooms with many STEM activities that our students use to deepen their understanding of STEM.  We can’t thank our Timber … Continue reading Mrs. Butler, First Grade Teacher

Ms. Murray, Third Grade Teacher

“The third grade students and staff would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the Timber Ridge Foundation! Your continued support greatly impacts our students, our classrooms, and our ability to facilitate learning each and every day. With the help of our wonderful foundation, we are able to better use technology in our classrooms through the gifts … Continue reading Ms. Murray, Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Lewis, Second Grade Teacher

“Thank you SO much to the Timber Ridge Foundation for supporting us with Daily 5 by sending us to their workshops.  The Two Sisters were amazing, and I learned so much at the Daily 5 and Cafe Workshop this past weekend.  I am so lucky to work at a school with such a supportive Foundation!”