Art Show

Visit the virtual art show and pre-order your child’s art now through March 30th using this link.

Art Show FAQs

Can I purchase my child’s artwork at the Art Show?
Yes, you can purchase your child’s artwork at the Art Show with a credit card. (Cash is not
accepted). However, the checkout process is much quicker and easier if you purchase the artwork in advance.

Are reprints framed?
Yes, purchased reprints of your child’s art will be framed.

How do I find my child’s artwork on the Artome website?
The artwork is arranged alphabetically by first name for the entire school. You can locate your
favorite artists quickly by filter by teacher and/or grade level.

What if I cannot attend the Art Show and pick up my child’s artwork?
If you purchase the artwork online by March 27, your artwork will be available for a
PARENT/ADULT to pick up in the front office. (Framed art cannot be sent home on the bus.) If you
purchase the artwork online the day of the Art Show (March 28), you may need to wait 2-3 weeks for the artwork to be shipped back to the school for pickup by an adult.

Who benefits from the Art Show?
The kids at Timber Ridge Elementary School! Proceeds from the Art Show go to the Timber
Ridge Foundation, which supports technology purchases, learning programs, teacher training, grants, a full-time computer lab manager, High Touch High Tech in-house field trips and more.

Who did I contact in case of a problem or question?
Contact Alison Shah at