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Foundation Board
In addition to Dr. Doe and Ms. McGill, the Foundation board of directors is made up of parents just like you.  If you would like to contact a board member, please click on their name below to send an email.
# Name Position
1 Bevin Newton President
2 Alyson Roach VP – Communications
3 Karen Anderson Secretary
4 Angie Mellen Treasurer
5 Margaret Kollias Patron Drive Co-Chair
6 Jim Kehoe Patron Drive Co-Chair
7 Poonam Bakshani Playin’ On Purpose / Socials
8 Erica Benoit Kid Chess / Performing Arts
9 Cheryl Heisterberg Art Show
10 Tain Kell Board Member
11 Richard Litwin Community Sponsors
12 Stacy Wolff Monster Mash
13 W. Darryl Wright Website Administrator