The Timber Ridge Foundation, established in 2005 by parents, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to support the mission and educational goals of Timber Ridge Elementary School.  The Foundation provides resources to enhance the school’s ability to create rich educational experiences for all students.  Since its inception, the Foundation has provided Timber Ridge with over $1,000,000 for improvements in technology, science, and curriculum, thanks to donations from families, corporations and our community.  For additional information, please view our flyer or view this short video created by Timber Ridge children, using Foundation-provided technology and other tools.

At Timber Ridge, there are two independent organizations that work together to provide programs and education enrichment to our students: the Foundation and the PTA. The Foundation is different from the PTA, yet designed to complement it.  National PTA guidelines limit how the PTA can spend money.  The Foundation has greater flexibility on how to allocate its funds.  The Foundation works closely with the principal and teachers of Timber Ridge to make purchases that, not only fill gaps where Cobb County tax dollars fall short, but also help fulfill the vision and mission of your children’s educators.  For more information on how these two parent volunteer organizations work to strengthen your child’s education, please click here.

Money is raised through 7 fundraising efforts:

Annual Fundraising Drive
This is your opportunity to contribute to your Foundation, to directly impact your child’s education.  The requested donation is $135 per child; however any donation amount is greatly appreciated.  Click here for more information.

Company Match of Family Donations
Many employers will match eligible contributions made by their employees, spouses, or retirees.  Your donation to the TRF could be doubled or even tripled!  Every program is different, so please contact your company for assistance, email our Foundation Company Match Coordinator (, or click here for more information.

Community Sponsors
We also seek donations from Community Sponsors.  Local businesses offer Timber Ridge their financial support, helping to sustain the Foundation’s mission.  We are grateful to these companies for their generosity and we thank them for their support.  If you would like more information on how to become a community sponsor, please click here.

After School Activities
The Foundation coordinates After School Activities.  These offerings provide your children with exciting opportunities to learn about science, engineering, math, drama and more.  We are thrilled to have Cobb Soccer Academy, Drama Club, Kid Chess, Challenge Island, Spanish, Yoga, Martial Arts, SmART club, KidzKeys, and Guitar club.  12% of your participation fees go back to the Foundation.  Visit our After School Activities link for all the details.

Annual Art Show
Our wonderful Art teacher works with the children to create incredible masterpieces.  It is a special evening for all, where you have the opportunity to purchase your child’s artwork in a beautiful frame. 20% of the proceeds go to the Foundation.

Spirit Nights with Local Restaurants
Throughout the school year, we host Spirit Nights with local restaurants.  Come for a fun meal out with family and Timber Ridge teachers, administration, and friends.  Depending on the establishment, 10% to 20% of the proceeds go to the Foundation.  View photos.